Grilled ruby grapefruit with yoghurt and honey

Effort: rating_sml (very little)
Expense: el cheapo
Kitchen fire potential: medium


Apparently, a hybrid of the pomelo and orange, a grapefruit was named so because they tend to grow in clusters resembling grapes, especially when small and an unripened green. Anyway, citrus is now in season and we have grapefruit in abundance. Personally, I love the stuff as is. Chopped in half, casually mauled with a grapefruit spoon (its a pointy spoon with a serated edge and you can get from any cookware store, really) but understandably, it can be quite bitter-tasting for some. With this recipe hopefully the grapefruit-wary can be converted. Prepared this way, it takes away most of the unpalatable bitter aspect and the contrast of warm, citrussy-sweet with cold yoghurt and a little drizzle of honey to marry the two really elevates it. I’ve chosen ruby grapefruit because the glorious bright red is just irresistible (and also its slightly sweeter than its paler sibling). The way to tell which grapefruit will be pink inside is by the light blush on the skin.

The recipe:
1 x ruby grapefruit
2-3 tsp sugar (I used demerara sugar but normal white or brown will do)
½ small cup of double thick plain yoghurt (you can use a lower fat version but it will go all runny)
A dollop of honey

Preheat your grill and make sure that your oven tray is closer to the top (just not too close!) than the bottom – I always forget until I open the oven door to chuck my food in and lose heat, while risking the burning of appendages when  frantically readjusting. Slice your grapefruit in half, along the hemisphere. Put in roasting tin and sprinkle with your sugar. The grill is probably still preheating at this point so you can mix your honey with your yoghurt in the meantime.

Once the grill is ready, put the grapefruit in the oven and keep an eye on it. It will start to cook quickly and the edges will blacken within a few short minutes. Once you are happy with it, whip the tray out and serve with a blob of yoghurt. Enjoy!






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Ooh this has got my mouth watering.
Simple but delightful way to shake up grapefruit.
Will be sure to try this!
Looking forward to following your bl

Ooh this has got my mouth watering.
Simple but delightful way to shake up grapefruit.
Will be sure to try this!
Looking forward to following your blog!

I’m not sure I understand. Did you grill it or bake it? You suggest moving the oven tray, but that implies that you’re using the oven. A grill, such as a standard charcoal or gas grill in one’s back yard doesn’t really have an oven tray per se, so much as just a rack.

Hi there, girlfriendmd, thanks for your query! I apologise for the confusion. In South Africa we call it grilling but I think in other countries it is referred to as broiling. I hope that helps clarify 🙂

Definitely makes more sense! Maybe do a picture of it in the oven? I was directed here via pinterest, so didn’t realize I’d gone international.
Looking forward to giving this a try.

Wow! These look yummy! So tired of eating the usual muesli & yoghurt…
Keep ’em coming ! LOVING the blog.

Hi there, today I’m collecting recipes for snacks and treats. Please drop me a line on if you are ok with me linking to your post on Carole’s Chatter. Cheers

I was looking for a grapefruit “Grilling” recipe last week and saw someone did BROIL their grapefruit. I didn’t want to cook inside so I figured what can be made inside would also work outside. I cut my grapefruit in half and brushed the cut side with a combo of brown sugar and balsamic vinegar. I also had a mango laying around so I threw that on the grill too. The grapefruit was so juicy after I removed it from the grill. A bit sloppy eating.Maybe should have left it on the grill longer? The mango actually got crispy, sort of like a roasted marshmallow and just as sweet!

I just made this and it was delicious. The only issue was that it was really difficult to eat. The grapefruit doesn’t really come out with a spoon. How do you suggest eating it? I felt like I wasted a lot of the grapefruit. I also added mint as a garnish which worked really well. Is this what you used?

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