Posted by cuizine | February 24, 2014

  Last week I enjoyed sharing the world's greatest banoffee milkshake with you here. This week, it's taking roughly the same ingredients, with one or two added or taken away,...

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Posted by cuizine | February 3, 2014

  There is currently a glorious abundance of succulent fruit thanks to the season. While it's delicious to just devour them as is, there's also other fun to be had....

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Posted by cuizine | August 5, 2013

That has to be the longest title ever for this blog so far. This recipe was submitted for the Freshly Blogged challenge. The ingredients that had to be used were...

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Posted by cuizine | May 26, 2013

Effort:  (very little) Expense: el cheapo Kitchen fire potential: medium Apparently, a hybrid of the pomelo and orange, a grapefruit was named so because they tend to grow in clusters...

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