Durban is king of the African sandcastles



On the sweltering, but beautiful Saturday morning of 15 March, over 800 people trudged barefoot, a little sweaty and a lot enthusiastic, through North Beach’s Bay of Plenty with buckets and spades in tow. The aim, as set by Durban-based financial services company, The Unlimited, was to try and break the Guinness World Record for the most sandcastles built in an hour.


People had started arriving from the early hours of the morning to help set up what was to be quite a massive and complicated operation. Twenty teams had been preregistered, and each team had a cordoned off area, with their corresponding numbers, to build their castles. They were briefed as follows on the Guinness specifications: each sandcastle had to be 60 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm, with 4 turrets and a flag. Castle perimeters were set up with wooden square guides and colourful plastic buckets and spades were handed out to assist with the effort.

IMG_8286 IMG_8284 IMG_8285

Guinness World Record adjudicator, Fortuna Burke, arrived dressed for what I presume was a UK summer. Closed shoes, collared shirt and a scarf offered her little respite beneath our African sun, but the surrounds were blue skies and more sunshine than she has probably been exposed to, in maybe a year.

Guinness World Record adjudicator, Fortuna Burke

Guinness World Record adjudicator, Fortuna Burke

I had expected stern men in suits, with grumpy, poker faces and a lot of heavy brow-wiping. Ms Burke proved to be the antithesis of that and was very gracious and approachable, surprisingly didn’t dissolve in the heat and was wonderfully encouraging.

Ms Burke explaining the sandcastle guidelines

Ms Burke explaining the sandcastle guidelines to MC Bevan Lynch

Once she arrived, the sandcastle guidelines were reexplained (in the empirical system by Ms Burke and translated into the metric system for the rest of us) and at 10am the clock was activated and sandcastle building frenzy began.

IMG_8374IMG_8389IMG_8384IMG_8379 IMG_8342 IMG_8440

The global record to beat was 2230 sandcastles that was set by the German town of St. Peter-Ording on 13 July 2013. Although that record wasn’t beaten this time, a new one for Africa was set at 1160 sandcastles built within an hour. Considering how the beach was completely blanketed in sandy outcrops by the end of it, it was testament to what an incredible achievement it was. It transformed the landscape into the Bay of Plenty Sandcastles.


IMG_8414 IMG_8433 IMG_8404 IMG_8443 IMG_8400 IMG_8412 IMG_8376

The operation was impressive in how well-cordinated it was, and it made me so proud that it was happening in Durban. Camera crews and helicopters were everywhere. People of all ages participated; toddlers to grandparents. It was ensured that the over 800 people involved had foam visors for the sandcastle fun, and then adequate shelter from the sun along with food and drink thereafter.

Steph Bester, CEO of Unlimited, being interviewed by a news crew

Steph Bester, CEO of The Unlimited, being interviewed by one of the news crews

IMG_8263 IMG_8301We may not have beat the record this time, but we set personal new ones, and how often as an adult do you get to go out as a group on a beautiful Saturday morning to build sandcastles?

IMG_8302 IMG_8298 IMG_8450



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This is so bloody cool Shirley. Your pictures are awesome and I could pick up on the excitement. Must have been one helluva vibe! 😉 xx

Thanks so much, Tami! It was really cool to do something different for a change. Sadly don’t often see the beach, even though it’s right at our doorstep. It was great to spend the day outdoors 😉

Sounds fun! I’m sure you can beat the record next time!
We have our annual sandcastle building fun at our Autumn festival on Saturday – no records planned, but they are usually very creative and detailed efforts that the kids spend hours over, and adults too when they get down to it!

That sounds so lovely, Kit! I think we have one or two of those as well in the winter holidays. Some wonderfully creative stuff.

WOW!! Shirley, your photography is spectacular and such an awesome rendition of a memorable morning out with The Unlimited. Thank you for being a part of it.

Thanks so much, Loryn, it was such a fun day and a great initiative for our beach-centred city.

Amazing images – really well done.

Amazing event. My kids enjoyed the morning out. Great to see an awesome pic of them.

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