031 Street Food Festival

Chef Constantijn Handiek

Four of the province’s best chefs will be serving up a once-off and seriously gourmet street food dinner with a twist at Surf Riders on the evening of the 27th of July.  Each chef will be preparing two dishes, paired with a drink. Diners will be given a scorecard and will have the opportunity to judge the individual dishes, based on a number of points: Presentation & Street food credibility, Banging Flavour, Technique.

Brett Gentles, Tijn Handiek, Marcelle Roberts

Competing chefs Marcelle Roberts, Brett Gentles, and Tijn Handiek / Photos: Supplied

It’s going to be tough to judge, as the food sounds spectacular. Expect to see things like wasabi-crusted barbecued oysters, wood-fired langoustine tails, tuna tacos, smoked popcorn ice cream with biltong-spiced churros, coffee, cumin and gin rubbed lamb, and a lot more.

The venue will be set up with four street food stalls, where the crew will prepare and compete to win the title.

• Brett Gentles, of Glenwood’s Parc Café, is teaming up with Distillery 031 Gin
• Constantijn Hahndiek, of Sagra Foods (and previously Hartford House) will be representing S43 and That Brewing Company
• Marcelle Roberts of Cafe 1999 is teaming up with Moreson Wine Estate
• Brendon Newport of Surfriders Cafe is teaming up with Corona

Guests will be able to enjoy each chef’s dishes with corresponding drink for the ticket price of R200.  Bookings can be made on Stumbler or contact Sam on 071 3768684.

Photos: Supplied

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