August is Awesome for Durban foodies

I launched this blog just over a year ago to celebrate all that Durban and KZN has to offer by way of food. I felt that it was largely an unrecognised gem that needed more people to bring to the fore the amazing things that lay hidden. Since then the city has just about exploded with amazing food-related events, people and produce. And the events happening this month lay testament to that.

First up, introducing Durban’s newest and therefore coolest locale: Morrison Street. Home to the new Rivertown Precinct. Described as the beginning of Durban’s first inner city, urban regeneration strategy, it’s located between Durban’s ICC and the beach front. It’s a fantastic initiative to revive, renew and relaunch an urban, and somewhat industrial landscape, which will attract vibrant and enthusiastic people from all cultures to a part of our CBD that most of us have preferred to avoid. It’s gone beyond just a lick of paint and a few new bricks, with collaborations between mural artists, renowned architects, marketers, town planners and prestigious property developers making for a very exciting result. It all officially launches on Sunday, the 3rd of August.


Rivertown is now also home to a new market. But not just any market, folks. A weekly, fresh and artisanal food produce market that brings farmers, producers and suppliers from all over the province to our doorsteps with fantastic goods. Things like fresh breads, quails eggs, straight-out-of-the-moo milk, real fresh produce (still with dirt on it) and other most delicious wares. It’s called the Morning Trade. For more details, see image below:10521403_252808598252242_8316962389818511178_nLike a true infomercial that this isn’t, I am compelled to say, “But wait! There’s more!”. And there is! We’ve got a beautiful pop-up restaurant happening at the same address. From the lady behind Freedom Cafe, Lucy Markewicz is bringing us the Renegade Kitchen. It will be running from 3rd – 9th of August.

10534063_258548857683809_7848691764406266672_nAnd if you want to know where Morrison Street is and how to find it, there’s a handy map below:


Outside of Morrison street, we have more fun food-related things! My head (and stomach) want to explode with excitement. August is turning into foodie Christmas, folks! Look at all the exclamation marks I’m using!!

We have a SECOND pop restaurant opening up, from 4 – 7 August, run by the inimitable and sickeningly talented duo of Zak & Tonic. It has a beautiful and unexpected setting at a rooftop garden and “urban food farm” (GUYS, we have an urban food farm – how very New York of us!) in our CBD. The cafe will be open every day from 8am to 6pm. They will be serving food made from the ingredients grown at this urban farm. Not often is your menu the food and the decor! For more deets, hit up their site here: and see below:

Zak & Tonic Pop-up at the Urban Food Farm, Roof Garden CafeAlso this weekend we have the Umhlanga Food and Music festival. The Kickstands, Matthew Mole and Majozi will be supplying the soundtrack to this event, while attendees will be imbibing craft beers, wine and delicious grub on offer. It will run from noon to 8pm, tickets cost R100 prebooked and R120 at the door.


Then there’s also the beloved I heart Market on Saturday:

MKT 61 small

For charity-minded baking gurus and lovers of small, baked sugary confection, there’s a national collective called Cookie Swap happening on the 2nd of August. R50 and a tray of cookies gets you in, or R100 and stuff your face with cookies is an alternative to those like me who cannot harmonise with their oven. RHVApZ-x


And lastly, but certainly not leastly, after all the excitement of the first week of August, we have another fun food initiative launching at the Factory Cafe on Gale Street. It is called the Harvest. It will be a monthly event starting that Saturday from 12pm to 6pm. Fresh food, music, jam jar cocktails (that will include Mozam’s infamous Tipo Tinto..) and craft beer. Entrance is R40. For more details, check out this lovely lady’s blog post about it:




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You the best! Thanks for the link 🙂

Thanks for the info

A pleasure! And thanks for taking the time to leave a comment!

No problem, Pippa! Thanks for your post 😉

Great link! Fabulous events to look forward to and support. There’s some stunning artwork there to advertising everything too. Love this city!

Fantastic blog. Exciting news for Durban. Please keep me posted! Thank you

Love your blog!! Pls keep me up to date .
So exciting for Durbs!

This makes me wanna move back to Durbs so bad! How can it get any more awesome!

Thanks for the comment, Ru! And yep, it’s rockin’!

Whats the cost of a stand at these markets?

Hi Abdur, thanks for leaving a comment. I am not sure what the cost is of a stall as I am not involved in the running of the markets. I advise you to contact the relevant market directly.

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