Shongweni farmer’s market


This past weekend I got up at an outrageously early hour (7am..) and hauled sleepy butt up to the Shongweni Farmer’s market to see what I could eat. And there was loads. But 7:30am is still crazy busy so its best to queue for the breakfast meals as soon as you arrive (I didn’t, was too busy being distracted by cupcakes).

My loot was really lovely olive oils, balsamic vinegar reductions, various wild meats (like the springbok I purchased and cooked), a giant farmer’s grocery basket (that my cat has claimed) and a gorgeous cutting board. I shlurped up two different kinds of lemonades and Im sure there was at least one pastry that met its ungraceful end with me.


I like the atmosphere of the place, with all the hounds walking about, the smell of fried eggs and coffee and everyone is really friendly. Also: puppies. People walk them everywhere and I trail after, trying to give them (the pups, not the people) a smushing.

Next time I need to shop less and eat more because the breakfast options were plenty and looked amazing. The only thing that was amiss were fresh-out-of-the-hen eggs. There were free range punnets available but I understood them to be from the big farms that supply our stores already. I’m looking for genyoowine happy hen eggs out of someone’s backyard coop or something. I had the pleasure of enjoying some overseas and the yolk was so firm, it was practically a levitating sphere above the albumen in my pan. Maybe I missed a stall? Can anyone advise?

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