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Famed for its landmark, rather large and contemptuous cat, and also known for the gorgeous view of its lesser-famous towering torch, the Oyster Box is a go-to watering hole for a lot of locals and tourists alike. And me. And now it has a new reason to indulge (and for me to deplete my income further): in celebration of its namesake, an oyster and sushi bar has now opened. And I am thrilled.


I worship at the half-shelled, plankton-filtering altar of oysters. If the proverbial is my oyster, my aim is to shlurp it up one succulent, unsuspecting pearlescent morsel at a time. Straight up, drenched in a vinaigrette, drizzled with a squeeze of lemon and a splash of tabasco, or even crowned with a bit of sour cream, I love the little buggers. And, ironically, for Durban being an ocean-flanking city, we arguably don’t have a lot of spots that specialise in such a treat. Fortunately for OB, the hotel has it’s own oyster farms along the coast and can provide these sustainable molluscs in abundance. So, that’s me sorted.IMG_7215


Asian tacos


Sushi chef Wenxiu Lu

With regal bar stools and marble counter tops, this little spot isĀ  great to sit at with a glass of bubbly and feast on the ocean’s fruits. There’s also live music in the evening.IMG_7229 There’s a variety of non-oyster things available, too. Fresh sushi is prepared daily by chef Wenxiu Lu, and the menu includes an assortment of fusion-style Asian-inspired tacos and extravagant but delicious dishes such as the ponzu baby crayfish with wasabi mayo and lumpfish caviar. Im a fan of the Mozambican prawns taco, with Asian slaw and Japanese mayo. And did I mention the oysters?

Ponzo crayfish

Ponzu crayfish

IMG_7222 IMG_7216 IMG_7230 The bar is open every weekday from noon until 8pm, and from 18:30 some chilled live crooning adds to the ambience. It’s ideal to pull in for sundowner drinks and seafood starters. IMG_7237

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