The Circle Café

A fairly sizable group of us descended upon the Circle Café to celebrate a friend’s birthday. I had never been and was keen to give it a try, having heard about the bagels, a lot.

IMG_3316 IMG_3326 IMG_3328For those who haven’t been, it’s positioned inside (and round the back of) the Durban Holocaust Centre. To find it, head to Durban CBD, and swing in the direction of the beachfront. It’s on the corner of K.E. Masinga and Playfair roads. It opens up onto a beautifully landscaped commemorative garden, aptly named the Gardens of Remembrance. It’s one of, if not the only Kosher restaurant in Durban, with a Milchik kitchen (seperate kitchen for dairy prep).

IMG_3317 IMG_3315 IMG_3319 IMG_3336The interior is bright and airy, with lots of lovely, purty goodies to paw through. Loved the range of ceramics. Oh, and then there’s food. I’m wary of kosher food – I may have been scarred by bad cooking but a lot of my experience of it has been a smelly or bland one at best. Well, their meals put paid to that.

IMG_3338 IMG_3341I had the potato latkes (fritter) with salmon and a thick a slathering of guacamole, topped with crème fraîche and resting on some crispy salad. The other half had a cream cheese and salmon bagel and chips. I am compelled to point out that there was no skimping on the salmon or the avo. I pretty much got what weighed like an entire avocado and a full pack of smoked salmon (no insipid ribbons here). It was wonderful. I engulfed it like the whale Im becoming.

IMG_3344 IMG_3349Dessert was a creamy baked cheesecake (the underlying theme here, folks, seems to be a creamy, cheesy one and I see nothing wrong with it). The cake was made on the premises. And it was eliminated within minutes. Screw the overfussy, overdecorated larny birthday cakes currently favoured, gimme a rich, fattening (or not, depending which diet you currently subscribe to) cheesecake any day. Happy birthday, Miss K!


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It is beautiful there and their gift shop is amazing. That looks like the cheesecake I like!

I want to go.

That looks very pretty!! And it was my favourite cake!!
Anyway another place that makes awesome homemade cheesecake (creamy, yoghurty, white chocolate) is 2 doors away from where I work in Durban North… XD

Went there yesterday and had the cheese blinz absolutely delicious, lovely peaceful atmosphere. Will definitely be going back there to try the bagels next.

I am having a party and require some kosher food for my guests. I was thinking of maybe a platter of finger foods. Can you please suggest something

They do that too, just call and order.
Their food is beyond delicious!

I’ve tried quite a few items (sole, eggs, bagel, latke and more, all delicious. Try the baked potato too. Yummy!

Oooh, we need to go back and give a few more of those dishes a go! #Yum

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