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I live to eat, and I do so in Durban, so I’ve decided to happily contribute to the over saturation of the food blogging world by celebrating both! I go through all our national food mags and there is a serious lack of acknowledgement of our little city in that regard. I want to be a part of amending that. Our fishing village is becoming a lot more sophisticated with our palate and ingredients and it’s time the rest of the nation recognises it.

If you are in Durban and have a restaurant, food or event that you’d like to showcase, feel free to let me know and I’d be happy to feature it. I sometimes do venture out of the city and province, and because this is an aspiring food blog, I will occasionally be sharing food experiences beyond our dialing code.

Anyway, early this morning, myself and my long-suffering partner in crime, Gareth, went to the beach for a breakfast picnic. It was just coffee, rolls and boiled eggs so it wasn’t much to document but the setting certainly was. We sat on Umhlanga beach and it was quiet and tranquil.





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