The Kitchens of CuiZine – a new series!

We want to see where you cook, what you cook with, what your favourite things in your kitchen are, what inspires you to whip up a meal. Each week we will be showcasing inside the kitchen of a CuiZine reader. We are nosy buggers and want to see!

Our first intrepid featured reader is the lovely Inge Loker. She runs a food blog called Snap, Sizzle and Cook and like the recipes on her blog, her kitchen is a beaut! We love the country feel of it, a welcoming and bright place, with a patina of wooden countertops and a stylish black and gold trim gas stove, where no doubt many a delicious meal has been prepared.

20140804_120057 20140804_115901 20140804_115636Inge is assisted in her culinary adventures by her cat, Ember. By assisted, we mean, patiently observed in the hopes that a delectable morsel’s absence may go unnoticed. Her favourite things to cook with are spices, particularly garlic, (“If I could add garlic to a cake I would!” she threatens – Mr Loker, watch out!) so her most frequently employed kitchen tool is her garlic peeler and crusher.

mykitchen_ingeWe note with approval the dedication to coffee in this kitchen. We also love the nooks and crannies filled with happy food-making things, a sideboard (or hutch as Americans refer to it) heaving with ingredients, crockery and cutlery, the vintage server with tiled top and happy houseplant, and the added touch of a chalk board that adds to the relaxed, friendly and interactive feel of the space.

20140804_115615 20140804_121200 20140804_121217

We love all the little details that show that this space is very much the heart of the home. Thanks Inge for sharing your lovely working space!

Do you want to be featured next? We’d love to see your kitchen! Send us an email with the following:

  1. 5 or 6 best pics (take photos during the day, and mix up close ups with wider shots of the whole space)
  2. A pic of yourself
  3. A little description about you, your blog (if you have one), your kitchen and your favourite things in it and what you cook with

and email it to with the subject “My Kitchen”  and watch this space!


Blog Comments

I am also nosey. There I said it. I love seeing into other people’s kitchens. I think I may just love this new series.

Inge’s kitchen is just lovely, and I feel like I know her just a little bit better now too!

PS Congratulations an your new look blog Miss Shirley!

A beautiful kitchen, and a very clever idea for a series – well done you! Looking forward to seeing more in future…

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